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Washi tape is a favorite craft tape with a low-tack adhesive. These colorful, fun patterns can turn even the most basic project into a show-stopper. The best part about washi tape is that it can be used over again. Here are three Do-It-Yourself thoughts from altenew for utilizing washi tapes:

You can decorate everyday objects such as notebooks, trinket jars, and face mask boxes with washi tape. The possibilities are endless and require no artistic talent. In addition to decorating your everyday items, you can add a unique flair to your home with washi tape art. Here are three Do-It-Yourself ideas from altenew to get you started:

Make a unique gift for a loved one. You can use washi tape to decorate a trinket holder, desk organizer, or even a face mask box. You can even make your own tapes, and make them unique. All of these ideas are quick and easy, and you don’t need to be an artist to use them.

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Use washi tape to decorate your mobile phone. You can use it to make cute garlands or colourful decorations, and you can even decorate mobile phones and laptops. These washi tapes won’t cause any damage to your device, so you can reuse them over. You can even cover up stained surfaces with washi tape. You can make cute frames and decorative elements without damaging your walls.

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