5 Hints to Prolong the Life of Your Starter Battery

If you want to prolong the life of your starter battery, it’s important to maintain it properly. Here are five ways to do it. Firstly, never run your car on a fully discharged battery. If the battery is too weak to start, it won’t charge fully. This will require the alternator to work harder to recharge it, reducing fuel economy. Secondly, a fully discharged cell can’t fully charge.

Winter can take a toll on your car. If your car battery doesn’t crank properly, there is a good chance that it’s dying. The temperature causes the battery to work harder, increasing its resistance. The terminals on your battery are also subject to corrosion, which can cause the battery to fail. To prevent corrosion and increase the life of your battery, make sure they are clean and lubricated with petroleum jelly.

Last Line

When your battery fails, don’t wait to see if it’s frozen or not. It’s important to act fast when you notice a problem. There are many ways to jump start a dead battery, but the most common way is to call a mechanic. These tips will help you reach your mechanic faster, and will make the process easier for you. You should use sound judgment while performing any procedure. Always wear rubber gloves and don’t smoke around a dead battery.

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