7 Top Reasons Why Puppies Dig in Their Beds

Puppies digging in their beds can make their owners wonder what they are up to. The pressing issue is whether the puppy wants to nest or is searching for something.

If you are a puppy owner having the same doubt, then know that canine fur babies have a natural urge to dig. Since this behavior is instinctive, there are a few ways to curb it. Even though digging up a newly planted flower bed in your garden or destroying a sand castle by the beach is understandable puppy behaviour.

Why do puppies dig up indoor things like their beds, and why do they sometimes do it when there is nothing to dig up at all? Also, there can be times when they hurt themselves due to their mischievous antics.

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Contemplate purchasing a policy, so you don’t have to take on undue financial stress in distressing health situations. In the meantime, read this article to learn why puppies dig in their beds.

Why do puppies dig in their beds before climbing in?

Although some doggy behaviors seem strange and laughable, there can be reasons why they exhibit them. Digging in their beds is one habit many owners find annoying. Read on to know why puppies put up a show like this.

1.Temperature regulation

Dogs often dig in their beds to try to cool off particularly warm areas so they can rest more comfortably.

2.Scent rubbing

Digging in is a puppy’s way of spreading its scent on the bed. Giving the bed a few scratches helps deposit scents and make the pup feel more at home.


Many puppies turn round and round in circles until they get exhausted and finally scratch or dig at their bed before retiring. This is a spontaneous process that a puppy can’t help but go through.


In the wild, dogs often dig out places before lying down to hide and keep themselves warm. So, if your puppy engages in this action, know that it is ingrained in its DNA.

5.Making space

Female dogs often dig out areas to make a comfy nest for themselves and their litter. Young puppies need accommodation, warmth, and protection from external elements like weather and bigger animals, so this behavior should come as no surprise from a female dog. If you have a female dog that has delivered recently, then expect this behavior.


Another good reason for puppies to dig in their beds is that they might have hidden something of high value in that area earlier. For instance, it could be their favorite toys, treats, or a human’s sock.


Scratching and digging can also be related to obsessive-compulsive disorders caused by  boredom, frustration, excessive stress, and anxiety. Or, it could be due to a physical illness. Consult your vet for testing and treatment.

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