Best Ways to promote your Lash Salon Business

The beauty industry is always up to date no matter what season and today eyelash extensions are one of the popular beauty treatments that have been taking over the world. It is becoming increasingly popular as a way to appear and feel beautiful on a daily basis.

Because of this, many people, especially entrepreneurs, see opportunities in this business. Many business-minded people and even trained and get certified as lash extension experts to open lash extension salons and studios.

However, starting a lash business is only the first step. Now you must acquire and turn clients into loyal customers and build your business! Whether you’re using advertising to promote services and products or just want to share information about it, one thing is certain: advertising helps spread the word and leads to increased sales.

If you are now ready to take the challenge and become a top entrepreneur for the lash extension businesses, here are some easy-peasy promotional ideas that can surely help increase your brand awareness and bring in some exciting new clients.

1.   Use the power of social media

In today’s era, who is not using social media? – Nah! Everyone must be on social media, whether an avid fan of posting selfies on Instagram, stalking some influencer on Twitter, or even just taking your leisure time liking and reacting to posts on Facebook. Therefore, graphic marketing strategies are a surefire strategy to engage more customers and ultimately win their loyalty.

Attracting potential clients

On these platforms, millions of potential buyers scroll down each day. Social media platforms are currently the only visual advertising medium that is more accessible and user-friendly for promoting your eyelash salon. Imagine posting video reels on Youtube showing how you do your lashing and then viewing it by a hundred social media users. Out of a hundred users, 10 of them might be got interested, wanted to know more about your service, and got interested in getting lash extensions. These potential clients are not regular lash clients, they are just social media users who saw your video posted but then it benefited you.

It’s free

Aside from bringing potential clients, social media is free. Who doesn’t want to go for free advertising? It may not be the fastest turnaround, but surely you can get results from it.

Getting Reviews

One potential reason why people are attracted to a product is through reviews. The opportunity to let others know about your business coming from people who have already experienced your service is a great benefit. These reviews will serve as an advertising tool as well.

2.   Building good relationship

The connection you make with your lash clients and even with other business owners from other industries are also beneficial in promoting your business. It is one way of building credibility and trust to help your business in the long run. There are many ways you can build up your relationship with these people.

Partnership with Brands

Partnership with other brands can help you and your potential partners in both good ways. To be able to do this, you should know your product or service before partnering with another business. Your vision should be in line with theirs. In this way, both of you can work together and promote your businesses equally.

Connecting with Influencers

A wider range of audiences can be achieved especially when promoted by influencers, this works as always. Approaching influencers with many followers on their social media accounts will surely give an opportunity for good promotion and a larger audience.

You can give a free lash service in exchange for a promotion or positive video review about your service and their experience with you.

Customer Approach

The way you deal with clients and potential clients can open great opportunities for your business. The approach is to get every person you encounter to become your client as possible.

Let’s talk about DM’s or direct messages as an example, when you have social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, you can easily talk to people via direct message. Others message you first before you make the first move, in this way, you can build a great impression by how you respond to them. When they message you first, it means that they are potentially interested in the business or in your service. Having a great conversation with them can make you win them to become your future lash clients.

3.   Referral Promotion

Getting other people’s trust to refer your business to other people they know is a sure-fire way to boost your sales and audience. More likely, people are getting interested in one brand if they are referred to them by a friend or family. It turns out that you are being trusted by someone they trust, which makes them trust you as well.

4.   Building Website

As said, technology is everything nowadays. People are spending more time on social media rather than going out. Some of these people are just scrolling through for their leisure time but are you aware of what can make them stay and get interested in scrolling through websites? A great graphics and videos. Yes, when building a website, you must know what can capture the attention of your potential audience. Not all may be interested in lash service,  but when they see visual graphics about your service and your output then they might change their mind and give it a try.

You can also create a website to attract customers through discounts, gift cards, and giveaways. This move really works for many.  Aside from the information about your product/service, you can post a big discount banner or an additional freebie post that says that every purchase or service worth a specific amount can get a special item.  This marketing strategy always works.

You can optimize your website also by making a direct fill-out form for your lash service appointments. This way, it can be easier for your potential clients to see your schedule and make an appointment. Lash clients will always feel grateful and thankful if you made things easier for them.

Make it the old way – promote locally

Last but definitely not least, is paper promotion, flyers, and brochures. This marketing strategy is still effective even up to this day. Asking some establishments if you can post your promotional banner on their walls, doors, or hang it can make an impact and awareness of your brand. It may sound old, but it never goes wrong.


With no idea what to do or how to leave a lasting impression on your clients, marketing can be sometimes challenging. However, because lash businesses are growing so fast, you need to look for ways to achieve your goal. With these great marketing ideas, you could take the initial step and give your lash salon the push it needs. There are other ways to promote your business aside from what is stated above, with so many options you can do and think about how to do it uniquely. Your unique way is the way to distinguish yourself and your lash business from others.

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