For What Reason is My WiFi Not Working?

The first thing to check is the internet connection. If yours is down, you should check your router or modem. If your device is connected via Ethernet cable, you can also see if there is a problem with the Ethernet cable. If both devices are connected, you can try rebooting them or calling your ISP. Then, try connecting to your network from a different device to determine the cause of the problem.

If you are on a home network, you may have several devices with the same IP address. This can cause your internet connection to be unstable and unreliable. Another issue that can affect your WiFi is a virus or malware. Viruses and malware can negatively impact your connection and make it impossible to browse the internet. While some drivers are unavoidable, you can still scan your device for malware and other viruses.

Final Thought

Another cause of a Wi-Fi connection not working is an update to the device. New versions of operating systems and software may re-send certain messages to your device, including errors. If you have an updated device, you can try re-installing it to resolve the problem. However, you should know that if the problem still persists, you should contact the manufacturer and request a replacement.

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