How to choose the right jewelry?

In the great family of jewelry, jewelry has a place to choose. Like the icing on the cake of a master pastry chef, rings, bracelets, chains, and earrings add the final touch to a successful outfit. If choosing your jewelry seems like a trend in our daily life, the truth is not always easy… 

A piece of jewelry is chosen with care because not everything is suitable for everyone and everyone has his own personality and personality. If it is true that you have to let your wishes speak for you, several points should be carefully considered before you buy. 

From morphology to style, including skin tone, find our step-by-step tips to help you choose the jewelry that suits you perfectly.

  1. Choose jewelry according to your morphology

The silhouette of your body shape will allow you to know the best cut for you. If so, nothing prevents you from wearing the stone you like, you should know that some shapes will suit your face or hands better.

Because yes, your morphology is not the only useful information when choosing the right swimsuit or the right dress. For jewelry too, it’s all a question of morphology. Here are some important tips to help you make a decision.

Choose earrings according to your face shape

  • For round faces: we recommend long shapes, like dangling earrings that play with finesse. Get out hoops and big round rings.
  • For square faces: choose lightness and finesse in favor of dropping shapes. Forget fancy jewelry or makeup right away.
  • For side faces: play with lines and have fun with shapes and sizes. Avoid curls like three and you’re done!
  • For diamond faces: choose the length to create the best harmony with your face. Avoid chips and nails as they are uneven and invisible.
  • For oval faces: this is a winning shape because it can do anything. You can try all shapes, sizes, and lengths.

Choose jewelry adapted to your type of hand

For strong hands: we advise you to choose strong bracelets, the aim of which is to create a harmonious contribution to your entire silhouette. Prioritize the headlines or play the collection card: you can pay for all the madness.

For thin hands: thin hands need to play on finesse and prefer light and refined models. 

Here again, collecting is possible, but only with good chains and smart speed.

For chains, choose a comfortable length

  • There are short necks: bet on long and medium-length necks, as they will help you elongate your head. Avoid heavy items at all costs (such as lavallières or heavy chokers) which can create an uneven and full effect.
  • There are long and narrow necks: princess’s heads allow you to wear all kinds of necklaces, from chokers to long necklaces. You are lucky!
  • For the little ones: it is important to play with lightness so as not to carry down the silhouette. So avoid long chains and instead prefer fine stitches that stop at the birth of the chest.
  • Because of the strong construction: the head of the wholesale jewelry can be seen from afar and dare to collect the height.

For rings, it’s all about harmony

For small hands: prefer beautiful rings, be careful to wear them sparingly. However, you can be able to wear a strong and fierce piece, if it is the only ring on your hand.

For short fingers: avoid collecting and wearing jewelry. If you don’t want to burden your hands, the keyword should still be finesse.

For long and thin fingers: you can bet on thin and soft rings. The length of your fingers allows you to play instead of collecting, do not deprive yourself! Try phalanx rings and many rings, they will be the best style.

Handshakes: don’t be afraid to focus on powerful rings: setting stones and jewelry with many details will be your best combination.

  1. Choose the color of your jewelry 

Whether you’re treating yourself or giving a gift to a loved one, we’ve seen that the first step is knowing the right shape and size of ornaments. Is this over? Thumbs up! Now it’s time to consider the color question. Gold or silver, which metal should I bet on? Please note that some colors work better than others depending on your skin tone. Needs a little improvement.

If you have fair skin, then you can think of all kinds of jewelry. From gold to silver, from colored stones to white diamonds: everything depends on your voice. 

Some leathers are dewier and blend well with silver, rose gold, and soft colors. Some have a yellow dominance and will be easily combined with yellow gold and colored stones.

If you have very fair skin, do not hesitate to bring a little warmth and color with jewelry (always a little). Avoid black which can add seriousness to your appearance. Instead, choose warm tones and stones such as emerald, which go perfectly with milky skin.

  1. These are the eternal gems you must have

If the marinière and trench coat are among the classics that can be found in almost all dressing rooms, other pieces of jewelry also find their place in the list of timeless basics that you must have.

Among the important parts of the jewelry box, we find the obvious:

  • Round, thin or thick hoops, come and go with style.
  • Small chips, decorated with glitter or not, adapt to all styles and all situations.
  • A beautiful chain necklace decorated with a pendant that you can wear every day without moderation.
  • The line of pearls is an old time.

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