Male chin augmentation and face slimming

What kind of procedures do young people make? “Male chin augmentation” is another procedure that young men choose to do. Chin augmentation is a small surgery. that helps adjust the shape of the face and fix the chin problem on the spot permanently, so nowadays Of course, it’s not uncommon for young people to take care of themselves. As we get older every year, we have to look young and look good all the time.

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Silicone chin augmentation surgery is considered to be another method that is popular for correcting short chin, chin cut, and receding chin. It also helps to improve the physiognomy of the face as well. Today, young men decide to undergo chin augmentation surgery to correct and adjust their face shape to look better.

There are differences between the faces of women and men. Therefore, chin augmentation surgery Surgery should be performed by an experienced surgeon. In particular chin augmentation surgery in order to achieve a chin shape that matches the original face shape and does not cause surgery errors male chin augmentation should look like a rounded end Not too sharp because it may make your face look sweet and unmanly. But it depends on individual preferences and needs.

Before doing male chin augmentation What should I know?

  1. You can do a preliminary check by yourself to see what your chin looks like, such as a dimpled chin, short chin, obtuse chin, cut chin, or reverse chin, etc.
  2. Study the details of the chin Whether to make an external wound or make an internal wound, what kind of wound is better?
  3. Learn how to do and take care of yourself. Before and after chin surgery

How many types of male chin augmentation are there?

male chin augmentation The method does not differ from a woman’s chin augmentation. the same procedure will be different in shape than due to male chin augmentation. Choosing a shape must look manly. not too sweet Make it come out to meet the shape of the face, the shape will be rounded, not V-chef

Male chin augmentation is divided into two types.

External incision chin augmentation

very popular And it is a technique that the doctor has done because of the external wound chin augmentation. No risk of infection, easy care, fast healing, chin augmentation, external wound, the doctor will open a small wound under the chin about 1 cm.

Surgery with laser, less swelling and bruising, and external incision chin augmentation surgery The silicone placement is accurate, the silicone conforms to the face shape, no lumps, no sag, and very few joints. After inserting the silicone Your doctor will sew the sutures under the bone marrow before suturing the wound. to prevent skew as well

Incisional chin augmentation

is another way to do it which is augmentation of the male chin with an incision. The doctor will open the wound inside the mouth. occupies the area between the gums at the lower lip The surgery will open an incision about 1.5 – 2 cm. After that, the membranous tissue will be separated at the lower edge. and then put the silicone in After that, the wound will be sutured. opening the wound inside There will be more precautions after the procedure than doing the wound outside, that is, the inside of the mouth must be clean. to prevent inflammation and infection

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