When you conduct sentiment analysis on a piece of writing, whether your own writing or your business competitor’s, you learn the sentiment behind the text.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis software analyzes the words used to determine the emotions behind them. If you’ve used the grammar and spellcheck utility Grammarly, you’ve conducted sentiment analysis on writing, probably without knowing it. The software includes a widget that shows an emoji representing your prevailing emotion.

How Sentiment Analysis Helps You

Sentiment analysis helps you in a number of ways. You can ensure your words convey what you wanted to say or find out how a competing business reaches its customers. You can also analyze what people say about your company.

Analyzing Your Company Documents

Apply sentiment analysis to blogs, whitepapers, website copy, advertisement copy, brochure text, etc. You can analyze every document the public sees to learn what your text underlyingly says about you. This lets you edit documents that don’t convey the message you want them to convey. People have always “read between the lines” and analyzing the sentiment behind each piece of writing helps you ensure that your words convey the emotions you desire.

Analyzing Your Competitor’s Documents

Use this analysis software to analyze the text of the websites of your business competition. While Grammarly helps individual writers with their emotions in text, enterprise software exists that helps businesses with large-scale projects like competition analysis. You can analyze the advertisements, social media posts, website copy, and blogs of your competition to learn not just what they say, but how they say it. You can learn what to say and how to say it correctly from this, as well as identify what doesn’t resound with consumers.

Analyzing Consumer Posts

Since you want to reach consumers, it makes sense to analyze what they say in social media posts, blogs, reviews, etc. Using enterprise software, you can analyze the sentiments related to your company, your industry, the type of products you manufacture, or the services you offer.

Better Outreach Materials

This process of knowing what emotions consumers feel when they encounter your or your business competitor’s product, ads, etc. helps your marketing department develop better collateral for your business.

You can write to convey the emotions that will reach consumers and best sell your products. You develop a company strategy based on the emotions that consumers feel about your industry, so you target what they want in a firm.

This isn’t dishonest. This tells you what consumers value and you should develop your company in line with the prevailing sentiment of the majority of your target audience, 

not someone else’s.

You need to offer what your target audience wants, so your products sell because even if you make the most beautiful mop on earth that makes floors shine without any soap if consumers needed a broom, they won’t buy your product. They’ll buy the broom your competitor sells.

It all comes down to consumer sentiment and needs. Your company needs to know what the target audience wants and provide that.

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