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ViacomCBS Streaming’s Pluto TV is a curated selection of channels for users to choose from. The channel list is broken up into different categories, including entertainment, movies, sports, news, lifestyle, technology, kids, and more. In addition to live TV, Pluto has a huge library of on-demand shows, including 24-hour streams of Unsolved Mysteries and The Onion. However, there are many shortcomings to this service.

Unlike other streaming services, Pluto TV is ad-supported and can be watched on a web browser. It is also available as an app on major app stores and is supported on a few select smart TVs. However, many users are concerned about the future of this service. The ViacomCBS merger is expected to make the merger more complicated, but it does not look likely to affect Pluto’s future.

Despite the recent merger, Pluto TV will remain a standalone offering. It is part of ViacomCBS’s plans to refocus on three core streaming services – basic, mid-level, and premium. It is also expected to become an upsell channel for other niche streaming platforms. The company plans to launch the service as soon as April 2020, which is when it will be available in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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