Reasons for the Increase in Demand for Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements refer to the products extracted from plants that help us stay healthy and treat diseases. Some of the popular types of health supplements we commonly use include aloe vera, flax seeds, soy, peppermint oil, St. John’s Wort, tea tree oil, etc.

According to a report published by, the global demand for herbal supplements is expected to surpass USD 124 Billion by the year 2028 and a report published by states that the demand for elderberry and ashwagandha played a significant role in helping herbal dietary supplements market soar to record sales in the year 2020 as consumers turned to natural products that benefit immune health and stress support.

The above statements throw light on the fact that herbal supplements have a much greater role to play in keeping us healthy and fit than we can imagine. So let us take a look at some of the reasons why the demand for herbal supplements has risen.

1. Consumer Awareness

The rise in consumer awareness remains one of the topmost reasons for an increase in herbal nutrition and the demand for herbal supplements. The medicinal properties of herbal supplements and herbal protein powder are what make people inclined toward these substances. Being non-food, non-pharmaceutical substances they have very little or no side effects. The natural label present on herbal supplements is what is found to attract customers as they are becoming increasingly health-conscious these days.

2. Pandemic

The role of the pandemic in making us health-conscious is something that cannot be ignored. Reports published by the American Botanical Council (ABC) the sales of herbal supplements saw an increase by 8.6% in the year 2019 with products like Elderberry and CBD products being the most successful ones.

3. Increase In Ageing Population

As we all know, Europe is famous as one of the most significant producers, consumers, as well as exporters of pharmaceuticals and is considered one of the important markets for nutraceutical products. Ever wondered why? The aging population of Europe has created a great demand for healthy/ herbal nutrition products like herbal supplements, herbal protein powder, essential oils, aloe vera, etc. due to which European companies are considering investing in research and development to discover natural products.

4. Increase in the Number of Female Buyers for Dietary Supplements

As people are constantly taking efforts to lead a health-conscious lifestyle, a lot of brands are coming up with herbal nutrition products like herbal protein powder for various groups of people. These products help women have better skin, hair, and metabolism. It is also said that consuming these helps women in faster muscle recovery and growth, keeps their bones stronger, offers better immunity to the body, and improves their menstrual health.

5. Increasing Use of Herbal Products by Pharmaceuticals

As we all know, many natural ingredients find application in pharmaceuticals due to their various properties. We have seen many of these products being used as binders, lubricants, coating agents, solvents, preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring agents, and emulsifiers. In a few years’ time, we can expect to see a rise in the application of natural ingredients in pharmaceuticals.

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