The Guide of How to Choose Your First Wig

Taking the plunge and investing in your first wig can be an exciting yet daunting experience; there are many things to consider, from choosing synthetic or human hair, what length suits you best, and how to style it. 

But fear not; we’re here today to give you all the essential information so that all you need to focus on is finding your dream wig! Ready for some helpful advice? Let’s look at what makes wigs awesome and how you can find the perfect one for yourself.

Hairstyle: What Style Wig To Choose?

If it’s your first experience wearing a wig, you may be a bit scared about the entire experience But rest assured that there’s no reason to be nervous!

Wigs have improved throughout the years and today provide the look you want, seamlessly integrating with your hair and facial characteristics. Sticking to what you’re comfortable with will make ongoing maintenance and styling of your hair more manageable.

A variety of wigs can be designed to appear different. You can think about going to a salon specializing in wig care or even doing it yourself.

Choosing your first wig can be an incredibly exciting experience. With so many unique styles, colors, and textures, you’ll be spoilt for choice! A popular favorite amongst new wig wearers is the 613 wig – a bright blonde hue with contoured layers that create an ombre effect. 

Others might prefer the baby hair ponytail wig, a classic high ponytail tail with dainty wispy bangs framing the face. Whichever you choose will guarantee a fresh look and help you stand out from the crowd.


Shorter hair wigs are a good choice in humid regions or when you feel like your body temperature never decreases. The longer the hair (just as the length of the hair), the more heat it will hold, and the warmer you could experience during your day. Short wigs are also more manageable and dry faster; they are more accessible to style and are less expensive.

What Shape Is Your Face?

When choosing a wig hairstyle, it’s not your preference that should be the primary factor to consider. It would help if you instead thought about which hairstyle will look best on the shape of your face.

While you may like one particular style of wig, the most important thing you should keep in mind is what hairstyle will flatter your face shape and contours. This will allow you to determine what length and overall style to pick.

Here are the various faces and styles that will look the best with each of them:

Square-Shaped Face

The best options for this type of face include wigs with a shorter to medium length. The best look is in wigs that have waves or a roundness on the face.

Make sure you consider Wispy wigs or off-center pieces, as well as those with some height in the crown at the top of your head. Layers and wispy styles work to soften the appearance of your square head.

With the added height of your wig’s top on your scalp, you’ll lengthen your face and create a more symmetrical shape.

Round-Shaped Face

The best options are those that can add volume and height to your head’s crown. The wigs include off-center components. It is recommended to wear a shorter wig that has a swept-back look or with lengths that extend past your cheeks.

It is best to avoid chin-length hair with a rounded line closely matched to your face’s shape: middle parts, shorter cropped hairstyles, and fullness on the sides of your ears.

If you have a round wig that doesn’t reach your cheeks, it will make the broadest area of your face appear more prominent and more comprehensive.

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