Top 11 Productivity Apps You Should Use to Get Work Done!

Are you having a difficult time trying to be productive nowadays? Well, you just got lucky – there’s an app to help you out! It’s not always easy to stay on top of your work with so many distractions surrounding you. This is why productivity apps come in the first place when it comes to helping you become focused, and organized and boost productivity starmusiq.

So whether you need just a bit of help keeping up with daily tasks or help to manage your schedule, check out these 11 productivity apps to help get work done right on time. From online planners to time management apps, we’ve got them all listed down below! Download them all with high-speed broadband from TDS internet plans and make your life easier one app at a time!

1. Todoist

Are you someone who likes making to-do lists? Well, with this app you no longer have to carry a notepad and pen with you! It’s a super simple task manager app that lets you create tasks and organize them based on projects. Moreover, you can use the app to connect and collaborate with others by assigning and sharing tasks. The basic version is available for free while the Premium version of the app costs $3.99 per month. You can get the app on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Desktop.

2. IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT (If This Then That) is automation software that lets you connect and integrate different experiences and apps. You can create multiple automation in the app including everyday routines and tasks. For instance, you can set a reminder to call a friend or add a reminder to drink more water. You no longer have to spend most of your time doing the most mundane of tasks. Automate repetitive tasks with IFTTT and focus on other more important tasks. Get this app for free on Android and iOS now

3. Calendly

Sending emails back and forth just to set a meeting is super frustrating. You have an entire email thread to keep up with, but not anymore. Calendly is the ideal scheduling tool used by most companies to schedule meetings without any back and forth involved. All you have to do is create a Calendly account and sync your calendar. Then you’ll be able to set your availability preferences including time slots to make it easier.

To schedule a meeting, simply share your Calendly link with the other person to let them know when you’re available so they can pick the best time slot for them. There’s zero back and forth involved! The basic plan is free while the Premium and Pro plans come at a fee!

4. fm

Are you someone who likes listening to music while doing literally anything? Music is designed to improve focus, sleep, meditation, and relaxation. streams certain types of music to help you unwind, relax, focus and sleep better! It’s a powerful app that is backed by scientific research to design and stream music based on what you want. All you have to do is download the app for free and stream some tunes to relax!

5. Toggl

What makes Toggle different from other time-tracking apps is its simple and clean interface! It’s a universal app that is designed for every kind of user including artists, fashion designers, developers, enterprises, and startups! Plus, it comes with a ton of incredible customization features such as billable hours, custom reports, and more to help you improve your workflow by letting you know how much time you spend on multiple activities. You can use the app on your browser, mobile, and desktop webtoon.

6. MindMeister

If you’re part of a startup or business and looking for the ideal mind mapping tool, we suggest MindMeister. It’s the best mind mapping tool that can help you brainstorm ideas, plan projects and visualize data! It can be used in groups or individually, plus lets you customize your maps and share ideas in real-time! It can automatically access your map in the cloud which lets you off the hook from saving data in advance.

7. Due

From its name, you can gauge that it’s a reminder app. It helps you set due dates and reminders. If you’re someone who has a lot on their plate and forgets things easily, you need this app to help you remember. It lets you pick when you want to view notifications about something specific. And once you pick a time, it will continue to ping and nudge you until the task mentioned is marked completed. IT syncs data automatically between your Mac desktop and Apple iPhone and watch. It’s only available for Mac desktops and iPhones.

8. Last Pass

Signing into multiple accounts every single day is nothing but a waste of your precious time. This is where Last Pass comes to the rescue! It lets you store all your passwords in a single place so you can log into multiple accounts easily. It stores all your digital passwords safely. Last Pass can be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone, so you can sync your data across all platforms in a jiffy. You can sign in to Last Pass with your fingerprint swipe or automated app fill.

9. Evernote

Evernote is a widely used planner and organizer app. It’s a favorite among students because of its note-taking capabilities! It’s the perfect app to store and organize all your thoughts, ideas, and notes in a single place. You can capture notes in different formats – audio, sketches, photos, PDFs, and much more. Plus, you can sync all your notes across different platforms, so you never have to be without them on the go. It’s available on iOS and Android.

10. Forest

Forest will help you focus on your tasks by making you put down your phone. Just open the app, plant a seed, and watch it grow as long as you’re focused on your task. If you close the app before the task is finished, your tree will die. The more you focus on your tasks and complete them on time, you can grow an entire forest!

11. Engross

Engross is the perfect pick to help manage distractions and improve focus. Its Pomodoro technique timer is what sets the app apart from other time management tools. This technique Is designed to help improve productivity and break down work into short intervals of 30 minutes, followed by mini-breaks of 10 minutes. You can customize the intervals based on how long your work is, and how long you want your break to be.

To Wrap It Up

Productivity apps work differently for everybody. You have to identify what you’re looking for specifically. Do you need help with taking notes? Or do you want to improve your time management skills? Luckily, this list has an app for everything! You need a high-speed internet provider to run all apps without any disconnectivity, If you’re looking for an internet service provider in California, TDS Internet is a great option. TDS offers high-speed internet service with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. TDS also has no data caps, so you can use as much data as you need. And, if you’re looking for a TDS TV and phone bundle, TDS offers a variety of packages to choose from. So, if you’re looking for an internet service provider in California, TDS is a great choice.

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