What is a Gathering Wellness Class?

A what is a gathering wellness class is an exercise program offered by a private, non-profit organization. Its purpose is to help survivors of sexual assault and other violent crimes overcome their fears and reclaim their lives. In this session, participants will learn about the latest techniques for overcoming trauma and build a supportive community. The class is led by Ben Clark, a certified personal trainer with a spinal cord injury who has been teaching online exercise classes for four years. The program is designed to include breathing and stretching exercises that relieve stress and discomfort. The group will be able to share the experience with a community that is truly supportive.

A Gathering Wellness Class is conducted by a trained instructor who is certified to teach exercise programs to cancer patients. It is led by Ben Clark, a certified personal trainer who has suffered a spinal cord injury. The class features seated and standing exercises designed to strengthen the core and upper body. The classes are available live on Zooom and are free of charge. The classes are led by Ben Clark and Michelle Arington.

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In Conclusion

A Gathering Wellness Class is designed for people who are confined to wheelchairs or prefer to exercise while seated. Family members may also action winstrol v join. This interactive exercise class focuses on strengthening core and upper body muscles. The online class is free and led by Michelle Arington and Ben Clark. For more information, visit the website below. While it is possible to take a class online, you must sign a waiver before participating.

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