What is Influencer Marketing?

Marketing through influencers is a growing online forum for advertising. Influencer marketing these days has been a popular word, and the media consistently refers to it. Yet, some still need to recognize and know what this marketing is about. Indeed, when they hear the word initially, some people wonder. “What influencer marketing is about?”

Creators and influencers like Leena Jumani and RJ Karishma on the Hipi app enjoy a large fan following. They create engaging and entertaining content for their viewers. They also sell many services and brands on the platform.

Influencer Marketing – What is it?

Influencer marketing calls for a brand to partner with an influencer to advertise its services or products. Some advertising associations with influencers create a massive impact on sales and brands work alongside influencers to increase visibility and better recognition of the brand.

An instance of marketing with a creator concerned YouTube sensation PewDiePie. He joined hands with the producers of a horror movie set in the French underground cemetery under Paris, making a thread of stories through videos in which he went through tests of difficulties in the  underground cemetery. It was perfectly content for PewDiePie’s 111 million followers and received massive views and likes of the movie’s trailer.

That’s a simple example. It’s easy to think of a celebrity collaborating with a brand to pitch a product, even if the advertisement is a thread of longer videos instead of a 30-second television ad.

Influencers, different from celebs, exist anywhere. Also one among us. Their extensive reach and followers on social media make them popular and influential. A social media influencer could be a famous fashion photographer who built their career on Instagram, a recognized marketing executive on LinkedIn, or a well-informed cyber blogger who likes to tweet. In any industry, some people are influential—you have to identify them. They might have thousands and millions of followers, yet most of them look more like familiar people. Even if they have less than a million followers, but have a good recognition for being specialists in their genre of field, they are the reliable people who come up with solutions to people’s queries. Relating on their area of competence, they are the one who build the most interactive and creative posts on social media. They make the most entertaining videos, share amazing pictures and engage in the most knowledgeable online livechatvalue discussions.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

  • Influencer marketing witnessed a rise to $13.8 billion in 2021.
  • There has been a 460% hike in searches for the word “influencer marketing” on Google since 2016.
  • Industries make $5.79 ROI for every $1 spent on influencers for marketing.
  • 68% of brands make use of Instagram for marketing through influencers.
  • 90% of survey respondents agree that marketing by an influencer is an efficient form of marketing.

What Works In Marketing By An Influencer

Carefully monitor your outlook on marketing through influencers.

  • Keep it organized, prepare a roadmap, budget, and plan, and allocate time on development and research.
  • Be kind and be patient – Its people interacting with people, approach in a connecting way.
  • Decide on finding influencers – find them naturally, work through a company or subscribe to a platform to find the best talent.

Develop A Plan

  • Does the influencer require quarterly, monthly or yearly calls or emails?
  • Combine with your product release schedule, PR routine, etc.
  • Send out emails as spokesperson of main executives. Arrange offline meetings and Plan travel itineraries for them.

Hipi app has famous influencers on their platform like Rohit suchanti, Anahita bhooshan, Rj karishma, Leena Jumani ,Shraddha Arya and more on the platform who enjoy a massive fan base and market Hipi a short video sharing platform.



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