Which car services your vehicle need?

If you are going to trade in vehicles or perform MOTs, you must pass on RDW registrations for purchases, sales and maintenance. In most cases you need certain RDW approvals and a so-called RDW certificate.

The RDW certificate ensures that communication between your company and the RDW and an RDW provider Car Servicing. To be eligible for RDW approvals and an RDW certificate, you must first register as a customer with the RDW.

Which RDW approvals are there?

‍ The RDW provides various approvals and powers that you can use if you have a vehicle company. Determine which accreditations your car company needs. What recognitions are there?

  • Recognition Company Stock: Do you trade in vehicles? Then you probably do not want to have these vehicles in your own name. In that case, you are responsible for third-party liability insurance, a valid MOT (if applicable) and paying the motor vehicle tax for these vehicles.
  • Authorization Vehicle registration (TV): If you have sold a new unused vehicle or a vehicle from your company stock, the registration certificate must be transferred in the name of the new owner. You can arrange to transfer a registration number at an RDW desk or registration desk, but with the RDW authorization ‘Take a Vehicle Company Registration’ (TV) you can also easily transfer the registration certificate online from your company address in the name of the new owner.
  • APK Recognition: The General Periodic Inspection (APK) is a legally required inspection in Europe to promote road safety and protect the environment. Only companies with APK recognition are allowed to perform the APK. If you want to inspect vehicles for MOT at your company, you can request an MOT recognition. In this article you can read how you can apply for APK recognition and what the costs are. The RDW aims to process an application within 15 working days.
  • Authorization for Online Registration Export (OREH): If you want to export vehicles from your company stock, the license plate registration in the Netherlands must be terminated. In this way, they are no longer in your company stock. You do this by registering the vehicle with the RDW for export.
  • Recognition Export Services (ED): If you want to arrange the export of a vehicle for customers who have not bought a vehicle from you, then the vehicle registration in the Netherlands must be terminated. With the ‘Export Services’ (ED) recognition, you can register vehicles that are not part of your company stock (and not your property) for export online from your company address. The registration number is then immediately deregistered in the vehicle registration register. You can also go to an RDW desk or an RDW inspection station. Also visit Car Servicing for car MOT.
  • Other approvals: Applying for the On-board Computer Taxi (BCT) recognition, Applying for a built-in installation control device (tachograph) recognition, applying for a gas installation approval, a manufacturer’s approval number plates (GAIK), registration of Leased Vehicle Names (RTL), dealer’s number plate scheme, authorization to apply for Online Registration for Car Dismantling (ORAD), authorization Applying for Accelerated Registration, Recognition Photographer passport photo, applying for a driver’s license and Registration for EETS toll providers.

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